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A transcendent everyday luxury, it creates instant ambience. Like a stroll through Dubai’s perfume souk at dusk, it’s rich with saffron and white oud.

Top Notes: Saffron, Olibanum
Middle Notes: White Rose, Jasmine
Base Notes: Oud (Agarwood), Sandalwood, Amber

Made with natural lead-free cotton wicks and the highest quality non-toxic soy blend wax for a burn that is pure and intensely fragrant.

No Parabens. No Silicones. No PEGs.

Trim wicks to 7mm before each use using scissors or a wick trimmer. If wicks are too short the wax may not burn all the way to the edge (tunneling), and if too long the wicks may appear to mushroom causing black soot to form on the glass.
Place candle in a non-draughty area, away from small children, pets and flammable material.

Do not burn for less than one hour or more than four hours at a time.

About the Fragrance
In Dabui, ink black nights are lit by the flicker of age-old fairy tales told in stark glass towers. The place is ancient and cutting edge--a mix as rare and mystical as the fragrance in the air - is the white oud, rose and amber that carried you there.

Fragrance Family
The Sriban Nights White Oud 250ml Fragrance Diffuser is part of the Woody Fragrance Family. Woody fragrances include leather accents, cool touches with hints of spice and aromatic nuances. They cross gender boundaries with broad appeal and a refined, elegant by subtly sensual air.

Candle Care and Safety
Avoide using in drafty areas, near an open window air duct or fan. Ensure wicks are trimmed to 7mm during use and each time candle is re lit. Do not burn a Glasshouse Fragrances 380g Soy Candle for less then 1 hour or more then 4 hours at a time. Stop burning when 10mm of un-melted wax remains i the bottom of the jar. Nevr allow the candle flame to come into contact with the side of the glass.