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The ultimate pair of statement earrings, the new vase collection as part of Timber & Cotton's Garden Collection are sure to turn heads and start conversations. These dangles are the perfect addition to the wardrobes of all earring lovers.

What are these made from?

These earrings are beautiful crafted using a stacked acrylic technique, featuring a 1mm clear backing and 3mm acrylic top pieces. The black detailing on the flower has been printed and features a durable raised gloss coating to not only make these details pop but also increase it's durability. The remaining detailing has been hand painted, allowing a variety of vase colours to be created. These stunning earrings are then finished with a 15mm diameter hand painted stud top.

No one likes nasty earrings that turn green or cause sore ears! We only use the highest quality of surgical stainless steel post (YAY for sensitive ears) and they are finished with a supportive, anti drop earring pad.

What size are these?

These earrings are approx. 40mm (wide) x 93mm (high)

These statement earrings weigh approx. 8 grams each

These are the maximum measurements so grab yourself a ruler and quickly measure them out to see how they will look on you. Additionally, if you are concerned about the weigh of these statement earrings, compare them with another pair of earrings in your collection.

How do I care for my earrings?

We all want our lobe candy to last for a long time! To ensure you get the most out of our products please refer to our Care Instructions for a detailed description on how to care for your products.