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EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) upper is a high-quality, very light, elastic material with very good cushioning. As a result, it is waterproof, washable, ultra-light and smooths out slight irregularities in the floor and ensures that every step is softly cushioned

Birkenstock REGULAR width

Slip on closure with adjustable strap for easy on-off wear and a custom fit

EVA lining for an abrasion-free environment for all-day wear

Contoured footbed will mould to the shape of the foot creating a custom footbed that supports and cradles every step

Raised toe-bar is designed to encourage the natural gripping motion provides aid in circulation and exercise for the legs

Natural heel profile and deep heel cup keeps the natural padding of the foot where it belongs, under the heel which helps distribute body weight more evenly

Lightweight, flexible EVA outsole smooths out slight irregularities in the floor and ensures every step is softly cushioned

Made in Germany

Birkenstock have been perfecting their contoured footbed for almost 250 years, so do them a solid and ensure you get the right size so they can work their magic. And while they run true to size, we recommend doing a quick measure before you buy. Nothing causes us more pain than seeing people cruising around in the wrong size Birks.

1. Stand on a level floor with your heel up against the wall or straight edge.
2. Place a ruler or measuring tape on the floor under your foot or alongside it, with your heel at 0cm.
3. Measure the length of your foot from your heel to the end of your longest toe (yes, even if it's your second toe).
4. Measure both feet and go with the length of your longest foot if they are different.
5. Add 10mm to your foot length to allow your foot room to move. This will give you the footbed length you need to find your size.
6. Check out the size charts below to find your size in EU (all Birkenstock sizes are listed in EU).
7. Measure the width of your foot across the broadest point. Compare your foot width measurement to the footbed width in your size to see if you will need a narrow or regular width.
(If you are in between sizes, we recommend going for the larger size)
Measure your feet
Birkenstocks don't discriminate - they love feet small and large, wide and narrow, and everything in between. The adjustable straps allow you to customise the fit with ease, and most styles are available in both Regular (R) and Narrow (N) fittings. If you already own a pair of Birkenstock or are trying them on in store - check out the little foot symbol on the footbed of the shoe (between the arch and heel) or on the shoe box. If the foot is coloured in, it is a Narrow (N). If it is just an outline of a foot, it is a Regular (R).
Birkenstock regular Birkenstock Narrow